Custom Order Unique Home Furnishings

Custom Order Unique Home Furnishings

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This mattress shopping is stressing me out.

We know. It’s ok to say it. Shopping for a mattress isn’t really all that much fun. Certainly the worst “brunch date” ever. A challenging combination of major decision anxiety plus the stomach churn of a big financial investment. Then there’s the information overload. Zones. Layers. Channels. Pockets. Soy for heaven’s sake. Why should someone have to earn a PhD in Mattress just to buy a bed?

We get it. So much so that we made the decision to keep our own lives simple and sell just one brand of mattress. Magniflex. And here’s what we’re thinking: The reasons we chose Magniflex might be useful to you.

May we suggest that you read through the following list of reasons why we prefer mattresses from Magniflex and think about which of them speak to you. Circle those. Then prioritize them. Or rate them on a scale of one to five. Or pick your top three.

Then take your list with you to shop. Hopefully at one of our two low key, nicely-lit, sales commission free stores. We’ll look at your priorities and fit you into the just right zoned, layered, channeled, pocketed, soy or no soy mattress for you.

Reasons To Choose a Magniflex...