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Custom Order Unique Home Furnishings

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Magniflex® Mattress Technology

Magniflex® has been manufacturing mattresses for over 50 years. Everything down to the zipper is 100% made in Italy. Magniflex® is rated the #1 mattress company in Italy and it’s in the top 4 for the entire European continent making it a household name overseas. There are over 35 million people sleeping soundly on the Magniflex® brand spanning 80 countries. Magniflex® has received the highest certification in the industry including OEKO-TEX, which is the leading independent research firm for worldwide testing of textiles for environmentally friendly production against harmful substances. Magniflex® has a rating that is equal to that found in baby clothing. 

  • Zero Off-Gassing
  • No Toxic Glues or Adhesives
  • Made in Eco-Friendly Environment (no burning or toxins that harm the ozone)
  • 100% Breathable (eliminates perspiring / sleeps cool)
  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • 100% Dust Mite Free
  • 20 Year Warranty

There are four important features one should consider when buying a mattress; does it provide comfort, support, temperature control and is it hygienic. Sleep is when your body and mind recharge so it’s extremely important to find a mattress that has, at the very least, all four of these qualities. As the Magniflex® modo goes, “Sleep is life’s greatest treasure.”

Magniflex® has designed an open cell memory foam that sets it apart from the leading foam brands. The open cell technology allows air flow through and allows the foam to breath so you enjoy an nice cool sleep. Magniflex® beds do not smell like toxins or petroleum when they are opened because there isn’t any off-gassing. A Magniflex® mattress will not trap you in the foam causing a cocoon effect because the quick response memory foam allows you to roll over easily without a struggle while providing that great support.

More about Magnifoam and Toscana Memory foam…

The open cell foam has a water and vegetable oil based that has been infused and not cooked (the Toscana has an addition of aloe vera oil). The foam cures for 10 days before it is cut and used in production. The open cell technology allows air flow making it 85% more breathable that the basic memory foam. Another unique quality is that the Magnifoam responds to weight rather than warmth allowing it to mould and recover in just seconds. It provides support in the areas your body needs with the correct weight distribution without improper pressure. 

MagniGel is a dense but breathable foam that moulds to the body providing constant air flow to disburse body heat and ensure a cool sensation. It is not a gel-infused foam.

Another unique option Magniflex® offers is the DualComfort bed that contains 2 separate foam cores that can be flipped for specific comfort levels, one side is more firm than the other. Beds with zippers have removable covers that can be dry-cleaned and each line has a full matching pillow line. Shipping for Magniflex® is only 3-5 days via UPS because all products are vacuum-packed (another great invention by the founder of Magniflex®).


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